Banijay Rights turns to Tubular Labs for social media consumption insight

Social video intelligence and measurement specialist Tubular Labs has teamed up with programming distribution outfit Banijay Rights, the global distribution arm of TV production powerhouse Banijay to enable the latter gain a better understanding of the company’s social media content strategies and commercial return on investment.

Banijay Rights is using Tubular’s Intelligence products for forward planning, trend identification, data wrangling and competitor benchmarks across all major markets, the company said.

Banijay Rights said it was in a good position to utilize Tubular’s data set at scale to better understand and plan against viewing behaviours and larger cultural trends.

Tubular provides insight into the value of Banijay Rights’ audience through CPM measurement, providing knowledge needed to scale social video investment, it said.

Examples include measuring the performance of Banijay’s Mr Bean channel creators on YouTube. Across all Mr Bean channels, Banijay garnered 2.7 billion views on YouTube and 3.3 billion views on Facebook in the last 365 days.

Banijay Rights has become active in developing its own FAST channels and recently partnered with tech provider Amagi to further this business.

“Tubular’s video intelligence platform is a key piece of Banijay Rights’ overall strategy to expand its global footprint in the digital space and consolidate our position as a market leader, better preparing us for identifying key trends across other means of digital distribution including FAST channels,” said Shaun Keeble, VP digital, of Banijay Rights.

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