Survey reveals UK streaming habits

UK consumers now watch an average of one hour and 30 minutes of streamed content each day and pay for an average of two streaming services according to a consumer survey by Musicmagpie.

The survey found that 16-24 year-olds streamed an average of two hours and 12 minutes, with time spent streaming dropping among older age ranges down to one hour for over-55s.

The longest time spent streaming by the average viewer was two hours 42 minutes. This range from three hours 42 minutes among by 16-24 year-olds down to one hour 42 minutes among over-55s.

Users paid for an average of two services, ranging from three among 16-34 year-olds down to one for over-55s.

Consumers had watched an average of three series on streaming services each during the coronavirus lockdown, and watched an average of four episodes back-to-back per sitting.

Some 51% of people reported increasing the amount of content they streamed since lockdown began, while 21% have purchased physical media since the lockdown started. Over half of respondents reported re-watching one or more series.

The number of shows watched consecutively per sitting ranged on average from five in the 16-34 age range down to one for over-55s.

The most-watched show in the UK is currently Sherlock, seen by 55% of respondents, followed by Peaky Blinders with 53% and Game of Thrones with 51%.

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