Prime Video adds user profiles

Amazon Prime Video has launched user profiles as a feature.

Commonplace in other major streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, the ability to create multiple profiles under one account has been notably absent from Prime, but Amazon is rectifying that.

In an email sent to customers, the company confirmed that users will now be able to create and manage multiple profiles within their account with content personalised separately to each profile.

The only way that users could previously differentiate between users was by linking individual Amazon accounts under one household Prime membership. This was manageable for households with multiple adults who are active Amazon customers, but this feature was not widely publicised nor was it particularly useful for children.

Users can create up to six profiles and differentiate whether they are adult or kids profiles.

Amazon also added that three users can be streaming at once, but only two devices can stream the same video at the same time – likely in reference to Amazon’s growing library of sports rights.

The profiles will be linked through Amazon’s wallet sharing tool that allows customers to share their payment methods with other Amazon accounts.

The new user profiles will be visible on the Android and iOS Prime Video apps, along with online and through select streaming devices such as Android TV and the PlayStation 4.

Many customers have already reported seeing the feature, but Amazon said it will be gradually rolled out globally.

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