Passionflix renews vows with Magine Pro

Romantic fiction streaming service Passionflix, owned by billionaire Elon Musk’s sister Tosca, has renewed a long-term agreement with platform partner Magine Pro.

The new three-year contract will see Passionflix continue to use  Magine Pro’s platform, which has underpinned the service since it first launched.

Passionflix’s main concept is to produce and distribute romantic films as a fan service, attracting a female audience and readers of romance stories. Fans are engaged to be heavily involved in the filmmaking process, from casting to premieres. The service was first launched at a romance novel conference in 2017, where fans signed up for crowdfunding.

Passionflix produces its own movies, beginning with Hollywood Dirt, produced and directed by Musk herself in 2017.

“Magine Pro has been our close partner since the early days. I wanted an end-to-end solution that could scale in a reliable way for our future expansion. By placing Passionflix on the Magine Pro platform we could focus on content and marketing, leaving a large portion of the technical distribution in the hands of the Magine Pro team and now, after three years, we are happy to prolong our relation further,” said Musk.

“We still share the same passion for Passionflix and are delighted that we now have gained the confidence to continue this partnership,” says Matthew Wilkinson, CEO of Magine.

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