Akado creates integrated broadband and streaming bundle with Okko

Russian service provider Akado has forged a partnership with OTT TV provider Okko that will seek the Okko service offered in a bundle with Akado broadband access.

The Cinema 2in1 service will enable users to access internet speeds of up to 200Mbps and choose one of the two Okko subscription options – Light or Optimum – for a discount on the price of the two services. Customers ordering the bundle in July and August will benefit from additional discounts.

Okko’s service, which provides a significant catalogue of movies and TGV shows without advertising is available on devices including smart TVs, computers, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and PlayStation 4 consoles, Apple TV and Nvidia Shield.

The move follows Akado’s agreement to provide Okko to its customers last month, enabling customers to sign up for the streaming service alongside other Akado products.

In other Russian service provider news, pay TV provider NTV+ has launched a new package of Viasat channels for its online TV service.

The ViP package features 13 Viasat channels – ViP Serial HD, TV 1000 HD, TV 1000 Russian Cinema HD, TV 1000 Action HD, Viasat Explore HD, Viasat History HD, Viasat Nature HD, Da Vinci, ViP Premiere HD, ViP Comedy HD, ViP Megahit HD, Viasat Sport HD and Viasat Nature/Viasat History HD.

The package is available for RUB199 a month, with the first seven days free of charge.

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