Virgin Media refreshes bundles

Virgin media has announced a massive refresh of its bundle packages.

The move is designed to allow customers access to Virgin’s M500 Fibre broadband (average speeds of 516Mbps) with any package. This top-tier broadband was previously only available as a part of its ‘Ultimate Oomph’ bundle.

In addition, Virgin is introducing 18 month contracts across its packages – while contracts were previously only 6- or 12-months. The company said that this will allow customers to get “even greater value as introductory offers match the length of their contract”

In terms of TV, Virgin will drop the price of its ‘Personal Picks’. These build-your-own TV packs which allow users to create their own personalised packages of channels. These now start at £7, with subsequent packs costing £5 per month. The packs previously cost £10 for the first and £7 for subsequent packs.

Picks can be added to bundles instantly and customers can remove them with 30 days notice.

Each Pick includes Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Comedy, Gold HD and Comedy Central HD, plus a number of HD channels, such as ITV 2 HD and Film 4HD, as well as a selection of channels relating to each of the four genres, plus on-demand box sets.

Customers can also add a range of premium TV packs to their bundle such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema HD and BT Sport, as well as subscribe to Netflix, Prime Video and Starzplay.

In addition, Virgin customers can access the Virgin TV Go app which can be accessed across multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets and laptops. This allows them to watch live TV, catch up and on-demand box sets. Subscribers to premium tiers are able to watch a variety of content offline.

Virgin Media chief operating officer Jeff Dodds said: “Our Personal Picks offer the best way to watch the best TV on a budget – where you’re in control of what’s on the box – with the freedom to add Picks whenever you want and the flexibility to change them each month.”

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