Sky Italia taps Linius for personalised TV

Pay TV operator Sky Italia has tapped technology outfit Linius Technologies to deliver a personalized TV trial for selected subscribers.

Sky Italia will use Linius’ services to develop personalised channels for testing within its subscriber base. The initiative is expected to focus on Serie A content to begin with.

Sky Italia will develop a closed trial to test user engagement and reaction to personalized TV. It will also facilitate commercial modelling and provide insights into future product design, according to Linius.

The deal with Sky Italia is described as a one-off trial that includes a personalised channel proof of concept, video virtualisation, enrichment, and trial support.

However, the coronavirus crisis means that trial dates are yet to be finalised.

Linius cited research by Quantum Market Research on Sky UK subscribers that found high demand for tailoring TV subscriptions, with 96% of respondents saying they were likely to use personalised channels.

The research also found subscribers considered personalized TV great value and are willing to pay an average £14.30 on top of their existing subscription fee.

Among those unlikely to renew their pay TV subscription, 77% said the addition of personalised channels increased their likelihood to stick with the service.

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