Hulu will drop support for older Roku devices in late June

Hulu will drop support for some older Roku devices, the Disney-owned streamer has said.

As spotted by Ars Technica, a Hulu Support Page on supported Roku devices has been updated to reflect that a number of older devices will no longer be able to access the streamer from June 24.

These include     Roku Streaming Players with a model number 2400 to 3100, and Roku Streaming Stick with model numbers 3420 or earlier.

While undoubtedly a disappointment for users, these devices were already running a reduced version of Hulu, dubbed ‘classic’.

This classic app was much more limited, only offering access to the Hulu and Showtime libraries. Meanwhile, the newer app allows access to live TV and additional premium channels.

Dropping support for older devices has become a commonplace practice among streaming companies. Some view maintaining support for devices with smaller install bases as a cost sink, while others simply become incompatible with outmoded hardware. The latter was the case in late 2019 when Netflix stopped working on a number of Samsung, Vizio and Roku devices as they do not support the DRM that Netflix now uses.

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