Sharp files lawsuit against Vizio

Sharp has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against TV maker Vizio and two of its partners.

The Foxconn-owned business is seeking an injunction to ban one of Vizio’s TV products in the US. Sharp owns over 10,000 display patents in China, Japan and the US.

Sharp said that Vizio’s 70-inch TV uses LCD panels that infringe on 12 panel-related patents that it owns. The lawsuit has been filed in California and is targeted at Vizio along with Chinese panel maker Xianyang CaiHong Optoelectronics Technology Co (CHOT) and Hong Kong-based contract manufacturer TPV Technology.

The lawsuit also claims that the patent infringement issue was presented to CHOT in November 2019, but Sharp said that the company failed to stop infringing on the patents.

In addition to ceasing shipments, Sharp is seeking compensation for lost profits.

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