Twitch gets lick of paint in rebrand

Amazon-owned Twitch, the leading video game and esports streaming platform, has unveiled a new look, eight years after launching. 

The incremental rebrand includes a new logo, new purple colour and new font for the site’s branding. 

Twitch executive creative director Byron Phillipson said that the new design has been in the works for a year, and that the idea was to future-proof the brand. 

The new font, Roobert, based on the Moog synthesizer typeface, is complemented by a new slogan “you’re already one of us”. 

This rebrand will also be partnered with a large ad campaign that will heavily lean upon many of the company’s top personalities. 

A blog post from the company described the process, adding that “This is the first of many steps we’re taking with our new shared understanding of what Twitch’s brand and product experience should be.”

While the company says that this has been long-planned, it comes at a time where confidence in the platform from many pundits has wavered following the decision of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins – the site’s most-subscribed streamer – to jump ship to Microsoft-owned Mixer. 

TwitchCon, the event for personalities and fans in the Twitch community, kicks off today in San Diego

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