LightFlow launches new multiCDN tech

Epic Labs-owned AI platform LightFlow has announced the launch of the Network Aware Optimisation (NAO) service. 

The NAO solution is a smart video multi-CDN balancer that automatically distributes streaming payload among different CDN providers according to business rules and real time performance analytics

The LightFlow NAO also connects to customers’ analytics, as opposed to more traditional solutions that rely on synthetic probes, and feeds real time actual performance data into the AI algorithm to determine the optimal route according to customer’s trade-off between savings and quality of service.

Miguel Serrano, LightFlow CEO, said: “We are excited to introduce a solution that actually satisfies our customers’ requirements when it comes to take the right decision about how to deliver video, in real time.

“Allowing customers to define a first layer of business rules and letting a second layer of AI perform and even improve those rules provides excellent results in the final quality of service while saves costs.”

Alfonso Peletier, CEO of Epic Labs added: “We keep looking for ways to improve QoE through AI. LightFlow understanding CDNs performance and managing its complexity is bringing improved viewer experience while reducing the cost of operations.”

LightFlow will be presenting its products at Hall 14, booth 14.A05 during IBC 2019.

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