Amplia taps XroadMedia for recommendation

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago-owned Caribbean TV service provider Amplia has tapped XroadMedia, a specialist provider of content discovery, recommendations and personalization services, to deliver personalized user experiences to consumers.

Amplia is using XroadMedia’s Ncanto solution, which is pre-integrated and delivered via the Nexx 4.0 platform from technology provider Zappware, to provide content discovery across linear-TV, on-demand and online content on any device.

The new service will be delivered to multiple regions and consumer services using the multi-tenancy capability of both solutions from Zappware and XroadMedia.

“Amplia and its parent TSTT are delighted to partner with XroadMedia to deliver a state-of-the-art recommendation engine, giving us a powerful platform to engage more meaningfully with our TV customers,” said Lisa Agard, the general manager of Amplia.

“The degree of eliminating friction while discovering relevant content is key for the end-user. When a service provider can continuously optimize the user experience by proposing relevant, personalized content, this creates value and loyalty and helps the service provider to win the battle for HDMI 1.” said Laurent Van Tornhout, vice-president, product and marketing at Zappware.

Adolf Proidl, co-founder and CEO of XroadMedia, said: “We are proud to be working in partnership with Zappware and Amplia on this special project, which will increase the regional coverage of our cloud-based content discovery solution even further. In addition, thanks to our pre-integration into the Nexx 4.0 platform from Zappware it was easy for us to deliver the required recommendation and personalization use cases to Amplia in the shortest time-to-market possible.”

Zappware will exhibit at IBC on stand 1.A81.

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