Tricolor TV launches loyalty programme for registered users

Russian pay TV provider Tricolor TV has launched a new loyalty programme providing non-TV benefits to users that register on its website.

Registered Tricolor TV users will receive discounts and gifts from partner companies and access special promotions launched by the operator itself.

Particpants can currently benefit from offers provided by brands including Yandex,, Burger King and others. Some 33 Russian and international brands have signed up so far.

Tricolor said that its bonus programme was aimed at attracting new subscribers as well as increasing the loyalty of existing customers by providing offers that are not directly related to TV viewing.

Customers need to enter their personal details on a dedicated website.

Tricolor said that the programme would enable partner companies to communicate with Tricolor’s 12.232 million-strong user base through using the operator’s advertising inventory and by conducting joint promotion.

“The Tricolor bonus programme is a fundamentally new product for our customers,” said Andrei Nesterov, deputy CEO for strategic and operational marketing at Tricolor.

“We are constantly working to make the lives of our subscribers more stimulating and comfortable by offering new opportunities. I am delighted that the number of partners willing to join Tricolor’s bonus programme is growing, meaning even more benefits and discounts.”

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