SK Telecom launches 5G, AR, and VR Services for esports

South Koeran telco SK Telecom has announced the launch of three separate services dedicated to esports. 

The 5G, AR and VR services have been launched with a view to “offer a more realistic and immersive experience when watching esports games”.

The first, ‘Jump AR’’ is an augmented reality service provides users with a ‘virtual portal’ to LoL Park in Seoul. Users can get a 360-degree view of the esports stadium, leave and read AR messages, and watch greeting videos of players. 

The second technology is  ‘LCK VR Live Broadcasting’. This allows users to watch eSports players close-up through the 360-degree VR cameras installed in LoL Park. 

Accompanying this is ‘VR Replay’, a new service that allows users to watch battle scenes from an in-game character’s perspective. 

This can all be accessed through the SKT-5GX part of SK Telecom’s OTT offering and fully takes advantage of the telco’s newly launched 5G services.  

Jeon Jin-soo, vice president and head of 5GX service business division of SK Telecom said: “With new 5G immersive technologies, SK Telecom has realized unprecedented eSports broadcasting services and content. We will continue to develop innovative 5G services to offer immersive experiences for customers.

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