Global AVOD revenues to reach $56 billion

AVOD revenues are predicted to more than double between 2018 and 2024 to reach US$56 billion (€49.16 billion) across 138 countries.

According to Digital TV Research this has been – and will continue to be – boosted by the rapid growth in mobile advertising.

AVOD in the Asia Pacific region is long-established. It reached US$10.73 billion (€9.42 billion) by 2018 – or 49% of the global total. Despite more than doubling to $25.14 billion (€22.07 billion) by 2024, Asia Pacific’s share will fall to 45% – revealing that other regions will grow quicker. 

From the $34.42 billion additional revenues to be generated between 2018 and 2024, Asia Pacific will contribute $14.41 billion and North America US$14.20 billion (€12.46 billion). All of the other regions will at least double their totals.

Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “China is the largest AVOD country – commanding 36% of the 2018 global total, with US$7.78 billion (€6.83 billion). Similar to much of Asia, most OTT viewing in China is on mobile phones to AVOD-supported platforms. China will still generate 29% of the global total by 2024 with US$16.60 billion (€14.57 billion).”

Murray continued: “However, the US will become the AVOD leader by 2023. Several large platform launches are expected in the near future in the US. The US will more than triple its AVOD total between 2018 and 2024 to US$19.23 billion (€16.88 billion) – or 34% of the global total.”

Elsewhere in the AVOD space, FuboTV has announced the soft-launch of Fubo Sports Network: a live, free-to-consumer TV network for U.S. sports fans offering event coverage, news, and exclusive programming.

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