Spain approves €150m DTT migration

The Spanish government has approved an allocation of €150 million to aid in the country’s latest DTT migration. 

This is the third digital migration that Spain has undergone, with funds being allocated to help  Spaniards retune their antennas.

Homeowners will be able to receive between €104.30 and €677.95 in order to adjust their antennas and acquire new TV equipment depending on previously installed infrastructure.

However, the funds are significantly lower than the €289 million allocated for the second digital migration in 2015.

The second DTT migration was carried out on March 31, 2015. Around 13 million households retuned their antennas to free up the 800 MHz band for use in 4G deployment. The transition actually came in well under budget, with only €103 million of the €280 million used. 

The new DTT plan will see broadcasters release the current 694-790 MHz band for use by 5G services. Instead, they will move to the 470-694 MHz band with radioelectric channels from 21 to 48. This will be implemented by June 2020, with Spaniards needing to retune by then.

Following the transition, broadcasters will operate the same channels with the country’s eight digital multiplexes (RGE1, RGE2, MPE1, MPE2, MPE3, MPE4, MPE5 and MAUT) in order to keep nationwide and regional coverage. All broadcasters will be required to migrate to HD before January 1, 2023.

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