TiVo launches CubiTV for Android TV 

TiVo has launched CubiTV for Android TV, a service designed to make it easy for operators to get started with Android TV Operator Tier.

TiVo described CubiTV for Android TV as a modular, cost-effective, pre-integrated solution that will let operators deliver hybrid television entertainment to subscribers.

Operators can deploy branded user interfaces, offer Google Assistant search and browse functionality, and provide over-the-top content, apps and games that are supported by Android TV.

CubiTV for Android TV also has a set-top box-agnostic architecture that allows customers to add features over time, including upgrading to TiVo’s Personalised Content Discovery Platform.

“TiVo’s CubiTV for Android TV represents the next step in the evolution of our CubiTV products which have been deployed to over 10 million devices worldwide,” said Jakub Gorski, vice-president of Cubiware product, TiVo Poland.

“It enables service providers in EMEA, LatAm and APac to differentiate their service and achieve their goals for subscriber retention and satisfaction while building a strong foundation for future services in the Android TV ecosystem.”

CubiTV for Android TV sits alongside CubiTV for Linux, CubiTV for Mobile and CubiTV SDK and is part of TiVo’s next-generation platform. TiVo will demonstrate the service at the 2019 Connected TV World Summit in London this week.

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