NBCU connects linear and digital ads with FreeWheel

NBCUniversal has begun connected its linear and digital video ad delivery systems using FreeWheel’s dynamic ad decisioning technology.

The move marks the first stage of a “technology unification initiative” between the two Comcast-owned companies.

NBCU said it lays a foundation that will enable it to more effectively sell and execute inventory across all screens in a unified fashion.

The next stage of the programme will include the ability to optimise campaigns across linear and digital, optimise between direct sold and programmatic channels and enable household addressability.

“Linear has been the missing piece in the one-order, one-report solution that marketers need,” said FreeWheel general manager Dave Clark.

“The results of the work on linear schedule optimisation using our digital ad decisioning capabilities were extremely encouraging and an important first proof point of the value of connecting NBCU’s linear and digital systems.”

“What we’re most excited about is the long-term implications for both publishers and advertisers, and what it means to the ultimate vision of a unified video strategy across all screens.”

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