IBC teams up with TM Forum for Catalyst projects

IBC has teamed up with the TM Forum to launch five new Catalyst projects for 2019.

The pair announced at the Digital Transformation World event earlier this year that they were collaborating to extend the scope of TM Forum’s Catalyst Programme specifically to the media-telecoms ecosystem. IBC said that this will involve connecting its expertise, heritage and media relationships across the broadcasting, entertainment and technology industries, which continue to converge.

Organisation across the media-telecoms value chain now able to submit applications for five new Catalyst projects to solve the challenges posed by the increasing convergence between the media and telecommunications industries.

Catalysts are proof-of-concept projects developed collaboratively, bringing together companies large and small to drive technical innovation and create solutions to common challenges.

These five new projects will see broadcasters, operators, software vendors and other suppliers across the telecoms and media industries work together through the collaboration with IBC with each Catalyst team building a working proof-of-concept solution to a specific industry challenge. The successful projects will be showcased at IBC 2019 and Digital Transformation World 2019.

Examples include areas such as using 5G powered drones for enhancing the viewing experience during live sporting events; utilising blockchain to support the media supply chain in ways such as royalty tracking and collection; tackling piracy and the unlawful use of unlicensed streaming boxes; and developing an open API to securely and anonymously monitor advertising performance in digital media.

The new Telco and Media Innovation Forum at this year’s IBC will see leading players in the space come together to kick-start discussions on proof-of-concept projects.

“IBC is pleased to be able to help facilitate the convergence that we are seeing throughout the industry. With our unique position within the media community, and now our collaboration with the TM Forum, we are now fully equipped to facilitate long-term solutions to the most vexing problems facing the telecoms and media industries today,” said Michael Crimp, CEO, IBC.

“Media is an increasingly important sector for our global membership as the boundaries between telecoms and media continue to blur. The digital age is changing the landscape for creation, distribution and consumption of media, and we believe that through industry collaboration we can drive a new wave of innovation and growth. We’re delighted to collaborate with IBC, and to extend the Catalyst model to explore the convergence of telecoms and broadcasting,” said Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum.


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