Edgeware showcases container-based software

Online TV delivery systems provider Edgeware has unveiled a set of container-based software solutions, which are optimised for public and private cloud platforms.

The solutions being delivered as containers are its unique Origin products, TV Content Capture, and TV Repackager. Edgeware has also revealed plans to migrate the rest of its software solutions into Docker containers.

Edgeware’s cloud-native containerised solutions are based on widely adopted implementation tools, using Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration and provisioning, to simplify the operating environment and reduce costs, according to the company.

Karl Thedéen

Container-based versions of Edgeware’s software products have already been verified on the Google Cloud Platform. They are now ready to be deployed in all major cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services and OpenStack systems, according to Edgeware.

The containerised solutions can be deployed in combination with Edgeware’s own purpose-built TV servers, data centre deployments and COTS hardware.

“This is a significant development for the company and our customers. It takes our software solutions to the next level and allows our customers to benefit from our technology while deploying it natively in the cloud. It also gives Edgeware the core capability to offer its technology in a SaaS model,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO at Edgeware.

“Cloud platforms are attractive because of their adaptability, and containers were designed for the cloud. They add even greater agility and efficiency, are easy to maintain and upgrade and can be integrated into head-end cloud solutions and workflows,” said Johan Bolin, VP products at Edgeware.

“We had already used a microservice-based design architecture in our software, enabling our Origin solutions to scale independently for ingest and egress requirements – which is ideal for adding temporary capacity, for example. The new containerised versions of our system allow our customers to benefit from a public or private cloud deployment.”


Edgeware will be showcasing its cloud-native container-based solutions, alongside more of its TV CDN technology, on stand 14.F20 at IBC.

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