Paywizard partners with Verimatrix on QoE

Pay TV billing and payments company Paywizard has partnered with Verimatrix to let operators to use quality of experience (QoE) data sets.

Bhavesh Vaghela

By tapping into more data through Verimatrix Verspective RT QoE updates, Paywizard said it will enrich the single customer view created by its recently launched subscriber intelligence platform, Paywizard Singula.

“The more data operators have about customers – including service issues they are facing – the better position they are in to take effective action,” said Paywizard CEO Bhavesh Vaghela.

“For instance, if a group of subscribers is having a service problem, the operator can proactively communicate to them that it is aware of the problem and working to fix it – and if the data says this is a recurring issue, the operator can even send out the discount voucher, free offer or whatever other compensation most likely to keep the customer positive about their experience.”

Verimatrix’s vice-president of product management, Tom Pollard, said: “This partnership is all about providing the best possible customer experiences and building subscriber loyalty by using data and insight wisely.”

Paywizard Singula will debut at IBC in Amsterdam this month. The platform is designed to let pay TV operators and OTT providers take a more data-driven approach to customer engagement by using subscriber insights and AI to reduce churn, grow average revenue per user and acquire new customers.

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