Vewd OS for Android TV debuts

Technology outfit Vewd has debuted an Android TV operator tier launcher. Vewd OS for Android TV operator tier will provide a homescreen managed from the Vewd cloud, along with an OTT application environment and EPG.

Vewd said that its homescreen experience for Android TV operator tier is designed to designed to provide a cinematic, video-first home screen. The EPG, integrating live broadcat and OTT content, includes both both broadcast and OTT metadata and supports critical features such as startover and catch-up TV in conjunction with the operator headend.

The company said that extensive platform data and analytics is available through Vewd Cloud, providing the operator with customer behaviour information. The OS also provides revenue features to capture existing and emerging recurring OTT revenue streams.

“Vewd OS for Android TV was crafted to complement existing Android TV features and requirements while giving operators and manufacturers the flexibility and control they require to launch successful market propositions,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd.

“Smart TV manufacturers have relied on us to enhance Android TV since its inception. With Android TV now emerging as an important platform for many operators, we’re proud to provide them with the products and solutions they need to drive success.”

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