Roku introduces OTT ad marketplace in the US

Roku has launched an over-the-top advertising marketplace for its streaming platform in the US called Audience Marketplace.

Publishers can use Audience Marketplace to sell targeted audiences to advertisers, using Roku’s first-party data and proprietary ad technology.

Roku said that has “extensive insights” into its millions of OTT streamers and offers the ability to precisely target specific segments at a household level.

“The business of streaming is winning – both in the minds of consumers and advertisers,” said Seth Walters, vice president of demand partnerships, Roku.

“As the industry’s leading TV streaming platform, we’re well-positioned to empower our publishers to unlock the full potential of OTT advertising and help them to meet the needs of brands and consumers.”

Initial publishers participating in Audience Marketplace include Fox, Turner, and Viacom, with advertisers able to take advantage of the service through programmatic or traditional direct selling methods.

Turner’s vice president of ad innovation and programmatic solutions, Larry Allen, said: “Over-the-top distribution has been a key audience driver for Turner’s portfolio of premium content, with Roku being one of the preeminent partner platforms.”

“Participating in Roku’s Audience Marketplace gives us access to rich insights and enhanced audience targeting capabilities, extending the ability for ad buyers to reach and engage with streaming viewing audiences that are critical to grow their business.”

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