EBU concerned about Montenegrin pubcaster chief dismissal

Andrijana Bulatovic Kadija

Public broadcasters’ organisation the EBU has expressed strong concern about the dismissal of Andrijana Bulatovic Kadija, the director-general of Montenegrin public broadcaster RTCG at the end of last week.

The EBU had already raised concerns about changes to the broadcaster’s supervisory council last year, when the country’s parliament initiated procedures against some members of the RTCG council. It called on the Montenegrin parliament to maintain a minimum of seven members of the Council to enable it to continue to function.

“Independence and freedom of expression are fundamental tenants of public service broadcasting and essential to the healthy functioning of democracies,” said EBU director-general Noel Curran.

“We hope that RTCG will be allowed to function free from political control and influence to best meet the needs of all Montenegrin citizens.”

Kadija, who was appointed to her post in April last year. was removed last week following accusations that she had abused her position in what was widely seen as a politically-motivated move.

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