TVP launches subscription VOD service

Polish public broadcaster TVP has launched its own subscription video-on-demand service, Strefa Abo, providing about 150 movies and series for a monthly fee.

The service includes archive content from the BBC, such as Allo Allo, War and Peace, House of Cards and Pride and Prejudice, as well as Polish series and other international series.

Maciej Stanecki, board member at TVP, said that the group’s site, which was launched two years ago, counted over 3.2 million unique users in March this year and 48.6 million page views. He said that TVP had a record number of sports broadcasts, series and films on the site, with further growth expected during the forthcoming World Cup football tournament in Russia.

Stanecki said that Strefa Abo – Subscriber Zone – would enable it to build a stronger relationship with its viewers.

The service is available free of charge for the first 14 days, after which a monthly fee of PLN9.99 (€2.36) applies. Netflix in Poland is priced at PLN34 by way of comparison. Some groups, such as elderly and disabled viewers, will be able to access the service for free, according to Stanecki.

TVP has said it will make new titles available on the service every quarter.

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