TV4, Discovery, MTG and Telia team up in targeted ad initiative

Telia, TV4 Group, Discovery Networks and Modern Times Group (MTG) have teamed up to launch a new targeted advertising initiative in Sweden.

The three broadcast groups have teamed up with Telia to provide dynamic advertising insertion on the Telia Play service, delivering localised advertising to individual subscribers based on the screen used and the location of the user.

Mathias Berg

The four groups have jointly developed a new solution for dynamically tailored advertising, enabling adverts to be customised based on a wide set of parameters.

Targeting can be based on the approximate geographic area in which the subscriber is located, the channel being viewed, screen size and device type.

TV4 is already customizing its advertising using the solution, and Discovery and MTG are now launching their own targeted advertising.

Mathias Berg, operations manager at TV4 parent Bonnier Broadcasting said that the new solution provided a future-proof model for offering dynamic advertising on platforms other than TV4’s own. He said he expected the technology to become an industry standard for all TV players in the Swedish market.

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