Report: Spotify sets new video plans under Courtney Holt

Spotify_logoMusic streaming service Spotify has reportedly reset its video strategy under the leadership of its new head of video and podcasts, Courtney Holt.

According to a Bloomberg report, Holt is exploring a “new format unique to Spotify” and the  music company has cancelled its other unreleased video series.

Holt joined Spotify last month as head of studios and video. He went from Disney, where since the beginning of this year he was working on advanced media strategy.

He previously led Maker Studios, the multi-channel network that was acquired by Disney in 2014 for a reported US$675 million.

Holt’s hire followed reports that former VH1 president Tom Calderone, who previously headed up video at Spotify, had left the company.

Spotify’s video strategy dates back to 2015 when it announced plans to package clips and full episodes of television programming that will sit alongside the core music streaming service.

At the time it agreed deals with the likes of Disney/ABC, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System, Viacom, BBC Worldwide, Vice Media, Condé Nast Entertainment and Epic TV and started to roll out video content in early 2016.

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