Telefónica launching 4K UHD TV service in beta

Movistar's 4K UHD box

Movistar’s 4K UHD box

Telefónica is planning to launch its Movistar+ UHD service in beta, making its new UHD set-top and content available to a limited number of users.

Viewers who sign up to take part in the beta trial will receive a new WiFi-enabled 4K UHD set-top box. In the first phase of the trial, Movistar will only make available a single linear TV channel, with a limited series of 4K UHD content available. On-demand services will not be available as part of the initial phase of the pilot.

The service will include the functionality available on other Movistar+ channels – namely the ability to record, seven-day catch-up, start-over TV and pause live TV – but recorded content will be in HD rather than UHD.

Participating customers will need to be Movistar fibre broadband customers and have a Movistar+ IPTV subscription, as well as having a UHD TV in their home.

Movistar is offering sign-up to a limited number of subscribers at present. Successful applicants will be chosen on the basis of the quality of their fixed-line connection and their personal user profile. Those registering have been advised to provide as much information as possible in their personal profile.

Telefónica is rolling out UHD TV set-tops supplied by Arris after the pair concluded a global supply agreement last year. Telefónica contracted Arris to supply its Proteus set-tops, supporting both fixed and wireless, HD and UHD service, to be deployed across the telco’s satellite, cable and IPTV networks in Spain and Latin America.

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