YouTube exec Robert Kyncl releases book celebrating the site

Streampunks_YouTube_book_coverYouTube’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl, has released a book subtitled “how YouTube and the new creators are transforming our lives”.

Streampunks, published by Penguin Random House-owned Virgin Books, hits shelves this week and is co-authored by Google speechwriter and communications manager, Maany Peyvan.

The book shines a light on a “new class of independent creators and entrepreneurs”, many of whom, it notes, are more influential than traditional celebrities and media companies.

YouTube stars like Tyler Oakley, Casey Neistat and Lilly Singh all feature, as does Scooter Braun, who used the site to scout 12-year old Justin Bieber, and Vice Media co-founder and CEO, Shane Smith, who uses YouTube to publish the company’s youth-focused current affairs and news content.
“By giving anyone with a smartphone their own TV channel, YouTube is fuelling a new creative boom,” according to the book’s marketing material.

“Not only is it generating the new faces of entertainment, but also changing how students are taught, how social issues are discussed and how small businesses advertise and develop.”

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