Intelsat turns in improved performance

intelsatSatellite operator Intelsat saw its second quarter revenues drop by about 1.6% year-on-year to US$533.2 million (€457.2 million). However EBITDA edged up from US$404 million to US$407.3 million, and the company turned in a net loss of US$24 million against a loss of US$116 million for the same period last year.

While network services declined by 6% to US$214.9 million and government services fell by 8% to US$86 million, media services grew by 5% to US$222.2 million.

The latter figure was driven by a growth in DTH services in Latin America and Africa, partially offset by some non-renewals and the end of life of some satellites.

Intelsat maintained an average fill rate of 78%, in line with the previous quarter. However, the company’s contract backlog slipped from US$8.5 billion at the end of March to US$8.2 billion.

The company said that the figures were in line with guidance, and pointed to progress made on sales of Intelsat Epic NG capacity, with several new contracts for Intelsat 33e now completed.

CEO Stephen Spengler said that in-orbit testing on Intelsat 35e was now underway and that the third quarter would see the launch of Intelsat 37e, the fifth satellite in the Epic NG fleet.

Spengler said that progress on managed services and the development of distributor relationships would “support our return to growth as we complete our network deployment”.

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