VPRO goes international with YouTube channels

VPRO World Stories

VPRO World Stories

Dutch public broadcaster VPRO has published a selection of its programming to YouTube in a bid to reach international audiences. 

VPRO said it had posted three hundred hours of programmes since the beginning of the year to three YouTube channels – VPRO World Stories, VPRO Documentary and VPRO Metropolis.

In partnership with translation provider Ericsson, the Dutch shows are available with English, Spanish or French subtitles.

The YouTube channels are available to viewers outside the Netherlands, while Dutch residents can watch VPRO programmes exclusively on VPRO.nl or NPO.nl.

“With these three VPRO YouTube channel is now possible to offer our programs outside the Netherlands free and in high quality for an international audience that is open to new and different ideas,” said VPRO Television editor, Stan van Engelen.

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