Google opens up Expeditions VR app

google expeditionsGoogle is rolling out an update to its Google Expeditions app on Android in a bid to extend take the experience outside of the classroom.

A new ‘solo mode’ for the app will allow anybody to explore more than 600 different tours on their own.

Previously the app, which first launched two years ago, was designed to be a classroom educational tool to help students to see and experience the world in new ways, visit university campuses, and gain exposure to new career paths.

“During this time, we’ve heard from students, teachers, and even our friends, that they’d love to explore and learn from Expeditions outside the classroom,” said Google software engineer, Jiabei Lei.

“Self-Guided Expeditions let anyone explore anywhere. Students can go on tours at home and share the experience with their family. Teachers can assign tours as homework to complement in-class work.”

The Android Google Expeditions app is compatible with Google Cardboard and the company’s newer VR platform, Daydream. Google said that a version of the Expeditions app will also be out soon for iOS devices.

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