DNA to launch Android 4K box

DNAFinnish telco DNA is to become the first operator in country to launch an Android-based open ecosystem 4K-enabled box, the DNA TV-hubi.

The device, which will be launched in the spring, will enable users to bring online video services to the TV as well as to watch mainstream TV channels.

DNA TV-hubi’s use of the Android operating system is compatible with the applications of Finland’s three largest TV channels, Katsomo, Yle Areena and Ruutu, along with YouTube, Netflix and Viaplay. Subscribers can download applications from the Google Play store.

Other services without Android apps can be streamed to the TV via the box’s Google Cast functionality.

The box can be used to watch linear TV channels from DNA’s cable network and the Finnish digital-terrestrial network. It comes equipped with two HD tuners, which enables simultaneous viewing and recording. The device includes software-based encryption for pay TV channels.

The Sagemcom-manufactured DNA TV-hubi has Bluetooth support for wireless game controllers, and it can be connected to an external hard drive for recording content and be controlled with an application on smart phones, tablets or smart watches. The device also includes voice recognition support.

”People are accustomed to accessing content and services flexibly with any device, and DNA TV-hubi is now making this possible with televisions as well,” said Mikko Saarentaus, director at DNA entertainment business.

“This device is for anyone who wants to watch diverse television content with minimal hassle. Thanks to DNA TV-hubi, watching and using online programmes and content on your TV is now just as easy as using apps on your smart phone.”

Separately, DNA has announced that the remaining DVB-T pay TV services in its digital-terrestrial platform will switch to DVB-T2 as of May 17.

The majority of terrestrial-network pay TV and all high-definition channels are already being broadcast in the newer format. Following the change, 85% of the Finnish population will live within the coverage of all terrestrial-network pay TV channels. Customers outside the coverage area can still watch the channels over a broadband connection with the DNA TV application or with the DNA TV-hubi device.

”This change will only apply to pay TV channels received over the terrestrial network. For the majority of terrestrial-network households, this will entail no changes to the channel offering. To continue viewing the channels, viewers will need to make a channel search on 17 May. If your receiver does not support automatic channel searches, you may have to update the channels manually,” said Pekka Väisänen, SVP, consumer business at DNA.

”We have made extensive investments in a nationwide broadband network, which we can now use for the distribution of pay TV channels. In areas beyond the coverage of the terrestrial network, you can now actually view more channels via broadband than you used to see in the terrestrial network.”

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