Paywizard and Genius Digital agree partnership

Genius Digital_Paywizard_PartnershipPaywizard and Genius Digital have partnered to deliver pay TV customer insights that drive loyalty and growth.

Payment specialist Paywizard and audience analytics firm Genius Digital said they aim to provide operators with a data-driven view of each subscriber’s customer journey – from acquisition to possible churn.

The partnership combines Genius Digital’s access to usage data and consumer viewing habits, with Paywizard’s insights into subscriber decision-making and transactional behaviour.

“Each time a customer interacts with a TV service, there is a series of critical decision points at which timely engagement from the operator has a massive impact on how that subscriber relationship will continue,” said Paywizard chief marketing officer, Bhavesh Vaghela.

“Responding effectively at each of these key ‘decision moments’ is vital in order to ensure subscribers stay loyal and minimise churn. Having deeper data makes this task easier to achieve.”

Genius Digital CEO, Tom Weiss, said: “Paywizard’s deep expertise around how subscribers make purchasing decisions at each stage of their customer journey makes them a perfect partner for us.

“Combining this knowledge of the customer lifecycle with the audience data we collect across millions of devices at Genius Digital, means we can leverage our respective strengths to offer operators a really powerful platform that provides a more in-depth view of their customers than ever before.”

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