BT and Nokia explore 5G VR

Nokia OZO camera

Nokia OZO camera

BT and Nokia have teamed up to explore the use of 5G connectivity in supporting future virtual reality services.

The joint research will examine how the low latencies and high bandwidths of 5G can be used to provide fully-immersive live sport or entertainment in high-definition VR.

As part of this work, the two companies are showcasing how 5G-type technologies can be used to transmit high-quality VR footage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

Attendees can use VR headsets to watch a replay of the UEFA cup football match between Tottenham Hotspur and CSK Moscow. This was broadcast by BT Sport from Wembley in early December and was filmed using the Nokia OZO VR camera.

“5G and VR are both technologies with enormous potential. This exciting joint research with Nokia is allowing us to explore how they can work together to provide a transformative experience for our customers in the future,” said Howard Watson, CEO of BT Technology, service and operations.

Harold Graham, head of the 5G Business Line in Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “Virtual Reality, in particular, has enormous potential, both for entertainment as well as other applications, so our demo with BT in Barcelona is a compelling way to create both excitement and understanding of that potential.”

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