Eurocinema to launch Sky content block

Sébastien Perioche

Sébastien Perioche

The Eurocinema movie network is launching as a branded block on Sky in the UK.

The five-hour block rolls out today on the Showcase network and launch titles include Love Vertigo – Vertiges and A Night in Versailles – Versailles Rive-Gauche.

In the 212 slot on the Sky EPG, the channel will carry movies from the global film festival circuit. Its line-up will span shorts as well as full-length films.

The channel is already available in North America and the Sky block marks its entrance to the UK market.

“We are delighted to bring Eurocinema to the UK,” said Sébastien Perioche, the service’s president and founder.

“The country’s cultural diversity and interest in the arts is a natural fit for the Eurocinema brand. We believe the UK television audiences will enjoy our films, and find them enriching.”

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