Global VR Association launches with backing from Google, Facebook, HTC

Virtual reality VR Edinburgh Digital Entertainment FestivalGoogle, HTC VIVE and ’s Oculus are among the founding members of the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), which was announced last week.

The non-profit organisation of international headset manufacturers is designed to promote the growth of the global virtual reality industry – developing and sharing best practices and fostering dialogue between public and private stakeholders.

Acer Starbreeze, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment are also founding partners of the association, which said it aims to “unlock and maximize VR’s potential” and ensure those gains are shared around the world.

“The goal of the Global Virtual Reality Association is to promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally,” said the GVRA in a statement announcing its launch.

“The association’s members will develop and share best practices, conduct research, and bring the international VR community together as the technology progresses. The group will also serve as a resource for consumers, policymakers, and industry interested in VR.”

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