Google Fiber closes Webpass deal

webpass-newGoogle Fiber has closed its buyout of San Francisco-based internet service provider, Webpass.

In an announcement on the Google Fiber blog, Google’s ISP arm said that Webpass is now officially part of the company and that the takeover of smaller affiliate, Webpass Telecommunications, is expected to close later this year – subject to regulatory approvals.

“Webpass set out to change the landscape for internet providers back in 2003. Their mission today is the same: deliver a simple, high quality internet connection to as many people as possible. At Google Fiber we share that same goal, and together we can grow faster — and reach more people— than ever before,” said Google Fiber president, Dennis Kish.

Webpass currently serves “tens of thousands” of customers in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Miami and Boston. The company manages its own network, is able to quickly connect new buildings and uses point-to-point, over-the-air signal transmission technology.

“At Google Fiber we’re particularly excited about Webpass’ application of point-to-point wireless deployment methodology. As we’ve said, our strategy going forward will be a hybrid approach with wireless playing an integral part,” said Kish.

“Webpass has proven that point-to-point wireless is a reliable way to connect more people to high-speed internet in a densely populated environment, by setting up wireless transmission links between buildings. Residents simply plug their device or router into the data jack Webpass installs in their unit, and they’re good to go, browsing with speeds reaching up to a Gig.

“Going forward, Webpass will continue to grow and scale their business with point-to-point wireless technology, including expanding into new cities. And for our part, Google Fiber will continue to build out our portfolio of wireless and fiber technologies, to bring super fast internet to more people, faster.”

In the meantime, Google said that there will be no changes for current Webpass or Google Fiber customers, who will continue to get the same services. Google first agreed to buy Webpass in June.

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