NCTA drops the word ‘cable’ in modernising rebrand

Michael Powell

Michael Powell

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has renamed itself to ‘NCTA – The Internet & Television Association’ in a bid to modernise its brand.

The NCTA said the new name, and removal of the word ‘cable’ from its descriptor, better reflects the makeup of the industry that it represents and the consumer services its members deliver.

It US trade association added that the updated NCTA brand is a continuation of its effort to reflect how the marketplace is “no longer defined by silos of the past”.

“NCTA represents members that are building the world’s most powerful technology platform and creating the exciting content and services that entertain, inform and inspire consumers every day,” said Michael Powell, president and CEO, NCTA – the Internet & Television Association.

“Modernising our brand injects a new sense of excitement into our effort to represent an industry that is America’s largest and fastest home internet provider and the creator of the world’s best television content. Just as our industry is witnessing an exciting transformation driven by technology and connectivity, NCTA’s brand must reflect the vibrancy and diversity of our members. While our mission to drive the industry forward remains the same, our look now reflects a renewed proactive and energised spirit.”

Meet NCTA – The Internet & Television Association from NCTA on Vimeo.

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