BBC iPlayer sees spike in live, record browser number

iPlayer March 14BBC iPlayer saw a spike in live viewing in June as Wimbledon and the Euro2016 football championship had an impact on usage. Live viewing grew to 11% of all requests, the highest level since mid-2014.

BBC iPlayer also hit a unique browser record, with an average of 19.9 million unique browsers – the number of devices accessing the service – weekly in June.

The England vs. Wales Euro2016 match was the most requested programme in the month, with 2.8 million requests.

The other ‘top five’ programmes were Top Gear, Versailles, Eastenders and New Blood.

TV requests numbered 290 million for the month. TV-connected devices accounted for 31% of TV requests, the same as in May, while tablets and smartphones accounted for 38%.

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