AOL to open 360-degree content studio

AOL_Canv_Logo_1C_Eraser_Rd_RGBAOL has announced plans to build a state-of-the-art, 360-degree content studio in downtown New York.

The public-facing studio is due to open this autumn on Broadway and will expand AOL’s “commitment to provide an immersive live and virtual reality experience,” according to the firm.

AOL Build, the internet firm’s live interview series, will be filmed at the new 13,400 square foot studio. The series currently produces some four hours of live programming each day and 75 live events per month, with more than 800 episodes having been filmed to date.

Jimmy Maymann, executive vice-president and president, AOL Content and Consumer Brands, said that the new studio would connect “the physical and digital worlds for our consumer”.

“The studio reflects our commitment to creating immersive live experiences and creating a studio that will serve as a cultural destination, digitally, as well as within New York City.”

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