Swisscom extends Ruwido deal for TV 2.0 remote

Swisscom signSwisscom has extended its deal with remote control specialist Ruwido to “evolve the design” of its remote control for release with its new Swisscom TV 2.0 UHD set-top box.

The Swisscom TV 2.0 remote will be “lighter, slimmer and handier than ever,” according to Ruwido, which has had a long-term business partnership with Swisscom since 2005.

The new remote includes voice search capabilities and Swisscom will support German, Swiss German dialects and French.

“We are incredibly pleased to be continuing our partnership with Swisscom since our efforts to pioneer what was Europe’s first BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) remote control. By combining high quality button based input with the advantages of voice, we stay committed to our goal of achieving user experience excellence within the TV landscape,” said Ruwido CEO, Ferdinand Maier.

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