Swisscom extends Ruwido deal for TV 2.0 remote

Swisscom has extended its deal with remote control specialist Ruwido to “evolve the design” of its remote control for release with its new Swisscom TV 2.0 UHD set-top box. The Swisscom TV 2.0 remote will be “lighter, slimmer and handier than ever,” according to Ruwido, which has had a long-term business partnership with Swisscom since […]

Ruwido and Swisscom launch low energy Bluetooth remote

Austria-based remote control specialist Ruwido has partnered with Swisscom for what it claims is Europe’s first commercial deployment of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) remote control. Ruwido engineered the bi-directional Swisscom 2.0 remote control for use with Swisscom’s Android-based IPTV set-top box and the development extends the companies’ long-term business partnership. Data transmission via BLE […]