Two fifths of TV time now dedicated to OTT

Adobe-TDG-imageVideo streaming has “fundamentally changed” the TV industry’s competitive landscape, with 42% of TV time now dedicated to watching over-the-top services, according to new research.

The Adobe and The Diffusion Group (TDG) research says that more than two fifths of viewing time is now spent with either subscription, transactional, or free streaming video services.

Of this OTT viewing time, 65% is spent watching SVOD services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, 30% is spent watching free streaming services and 5% is spent watching transactional streaming services, according to the research.

The Streaming Video Survey Analysis, carried out by TDF in January, found that 82% of adult video streamers subscribe to “some type of online subscription video service”. Netflix led with 70% use among video streamers, followed by Amazon Prime Video at 33%, and Hulu Plus at 21%.

Among those who watch free online video services, YouTube is by far the most popular and was watched by 83%, followed by Hulu at 23% and Crackle at 19% viewing rates.

iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant View were found to be the top three transactional streaming video services, with 34% of adult video streamers using TVOD services.

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