HbbTV 2.0 updated for UK and Italy

hbbtv logoThe HbbTV Association has updated the HbbTV 2.0 specification, paving the way for “the broad adoption” of the standard in the UK and Italian markets.

HbbTV 2.0.1 adds a small number of features designed to let HbbTV technology replace MHEG and MHP in the UK and Italy respectively, and was written in close collaboration with the UK’s DTG and the HD Forum Italia.

The additions include better user interface control, better integration with version 1.4 of CI Plus, improved audio support, support for graphics resolutions that are higher than 1280×720 and encryption of media delivered via broadband where a full DRM is not needed.

“Updating HbbTV 2.0 to take into account features used in the UK is a critical milestone on the path towards the introduction of HbbTV in the UK,” said DTG CEO, Richard Lindsay-Davies.

Stated Benito Manlio Mari, HD Forum Italia President, said: “We are very proud to have contributed to the release of HbbTV version 2.0.1 and have fully endorsed it in our new HD Book 4.0 for the Italian market.”

HbbTV 2.0.1 will replace HbbTV 2.0 and is due to be included in the first compliant terminals in spring 2017.

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