Broadband video to account for 38% of viewing by 2025

TDG video viewing sourceBroadband video will grow from 17% of total viewing minutes in 2015 to 38% by 2025 as TV viewing declines, according to The Diffusion Group (TDG).

The research firm said that over the same time period legacy TV will decline from 80% of total viewing minutes to 53%.

This marks an expected 34% decline in TV viewing compared to an 81% anticipated increase in broadband video viewing.

“Professionally-produced, TV-quality video is now accessible from a widening array of sources and services, in virtually any context, and on multiple devices,” said TDG senior analyst, Joel Espelien.

“Though operators and networks are now aware of these trends, few have any idea what they mean for the future of TV viewing – that is, the extent to and rate at which they will redefine the viewing mix in the next decade.”