Netflix blocked in Indonesia, facing problems in Brazil

NetflixBuilding4Netflix is facing problems in Indonesia, one of the most populous countries in Asia, with state telco Telkom blocking the SVoD service.

Telkom has reportedly objected to some of the adult and violent content on Netflix’s service in the country, and said it does not have the necessary permit to operate in Indonesia.

US-based Netflix launched in Indonesia last month as part of its 130-country simultaneous roll-out. A spokesperson for the streaming company told the Wall St Journal that it did not need said permit as it is not a traditional broadcaster, but an internet broadcaster.

Elsewhere, Netflix may also be facing problems in Brazil, where UOL reports that its opponents are forming a lobby group that will push for new restrictions on the SVOD service in the country.

UOL said the lobby group wants Netflix to pay a levy on all of its movies with the proceeds going back into local production.

The group also reportedly wants the government to introduce a domestic content quota of 20%, which would change Netflix’s strategy with the service investing sparingly in Brazilian content.

The lobby group also wants to look at charging Netflix users more for broadband access on the basis they are using more bandwidth.

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