Sky Media launches Sky AdVance ad solution

Sky AdVanceSky’s advertising sales division of has launched Sky AdVance, a new product designed to help advertisers deliver connected campaigns across TV and digital.

Unveiling AdVance at its IAB Digital Upfront event in London yesterday, Sky Media said the service allows advertisers to “connect journeys across screens” so audiences see “the right ad, at the right time, in the right sequence and on the right screen.”

“By directly connecting TV and online audiences Sky AdVance represents the biggest change in media buying since the emergence of online,” said Sky Media.

The AdVance product is based around data, with Sky Media now claiming to gather audience measurement stats from 3 million homes, including second-by-send viewing data.

Sky Media said its insights from the Sky platform now cover more than 500 TV channels and that its combined TV, online and mobile knowledge “opens the door to advanced cross-platform understanding and delivery.”

“The scale of the data we now possess gives us the ability to interweave TV and digital advertising like never before. Sky AdVance will open up many exciting possibilities for advertisers, while ensuring viewers get to see more relevant advertising, in meaningful sequences,” said Jamie West, deputy managing director of Sky Media.

The AdVance launch follows the launch of Sky AdSmart, a tailored ad service that started running postcode area targeting last December and uses publicly available information to identify groups or demographics.

Sky AdVance is currently in a live test phase and will be open to the market from January 2016.

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