CI+ services for cars takes major step forwards

MOST carsThe MOST Cooperation Standardisation Organisation, which administers the de facto industry standard for in-car connected entertainment, has released specifications for CI+ content protection transmission over MOST automotive multimedia networks, and US-based Microchip Technology has announced that MOST system designers can now use its portfolio of MOST networking products to bring CI+-based pay TV services to cars.

The MOST organsiation recently released its latest MOST Stream Transmission Specification, which includes support for the MOST CI+ interim license agreement issued by CI Plus LLP. The move means that MOST networks can transport CI+ protected content using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP).

Microchip currently offers MOST Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs) that support high-quality video streaming, as defined by the latest MOST Stream Transmission Specification. In addition, the approved content protection schemes for DTCP implemented in Microchip’s MOST Multimedia Companion ICs allow the transport of CI+ protected content.

“We are proud to offer our customers a complete, easy-to-use, cost-efficient solution to transport the latest CI+ protected digital video inside automobiles,” said Dan Termer, vice president of Microchip’s Automotive Information Systems Division. “Once again, this demonstrates Microchip’s close collaboration with our customers and commitment to listening to their needs.”

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