Just 12% of US viewers have switched to digital-only

Nielsen home entertainment May 15Half of the US population has bought or rented TVs or movies digitally in the past six months, but only 12% have shifted exclusively to digital viewing methods, according to Nielsen.

The research firm’s May Home Entertainment Consumer Trends report, which looks at the general US population aged 12 and up, found that 61% of people had bought or rented physical discs in the past six months – though only 20% did so exclusively.

Some 53% said they had bought or rented entertainment digitally, with just 12% of these people purchasing only digital content.

The study found that, at 47%, the largest share of consumers’ dollars was spend on a cable or satellite TV service.

This compares to 12% on going to the cinema, 10% on movie or TV discs, and just 3% on TV and movie subscription streaming.

Nielsen added that live TV “continues to dominate consumers’ share of viewing hours”, according for a 34% share of viewing hours in the past or a typical week.

This compares to a 10% share for subscription streamed TVs and movies, 8% for DVR content and 7% for watching TVs and movies owned on a disc.

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